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RAWS has hosted three conferences, one in-person and two virtual. We brought together leading names in Scottish history to discuss the importance of acknowledging the wrongs committed during the Scottish Witch Trials.

Check our Upcoming Events page for more information on what we've got planned next.

Book Chats 

We have had a varied and fascinating series of book chats over the past few months - Keep an eye on our social media for the next author

Virtual Conference | November 2021

Our second virtual conference with contributions from leading historians and researchers. Alongside spotlighting new research on the Scottish Witch Trials, we discussed the importance of commemoration and our journey towards a national memorial for all accused. 

Virtual Conference | November 2020

A virtual conference with contributions from artists, authors, historians and campaigners for social justice who want to give recognition to the people accused of witchcraft in Scotland and to talk about the possibilities of a national memorial, a pardon and raising awareness.

Launch of the Fife Accused Witches Trail

In September 2019 we worked with the West Fife Heritage Network to launch the Fife Accused Witches Trail. Three plaques lead from Culross to Torryburn, and the burial site of Lilias Adie.

Conference | May 2019, Dunfermline

Our first event was held in the Glen Pavilion, Dunfermline. We welcomed key voices to share their knowledge of the Scottish Witch Trials. We also held a programme of interactive workshops, allowing us to define our aims as a group.

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