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Remembering the Accused Witches of Scotland

We are RAWS, a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation. We are campaigning to raise awareness of the ordinary women & men who were accused of witchcraft during this dark period of Scottish history.

Join us for our upcoming annual conference, for more information about this exciting 2 day event in May Click here

Our Aims
  1. To educate and raise awareness of the impact of the Scottish Witch Trials.

  2. To obtain an apology from the Scottish churches and the Scottish Government.

  3. To erect a national monument to remember and honour the more than 4,000 accused.

What We Do

Researching the 4,000 accused witches of Scotland

Our community is working hard to unearth the stories of Scotland's accused witches. We have close connections to historians in the field, and spotlight new research on our blog.

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