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RAWS Virtual Conference 2021

Remembering the Accused Witches of Scotland hosted our second virtual conference in November 2021. We were delighted to be joined by both UK and USA-based speakers, including Julian Goodare, Sean Fitzgerald, Laura Harrison, Mary W. Craig, Michelle D. Brock, Steffy Von Scott and Nancy Kilgore. We also debuted music by the wonderful Heal and Harrow.

A heartfelt thanks again to our speakers for sharing their time and expertise, and to those of you who joined us and contributed to the discussion on the day.

The full recording of the event is now available to watch on YouTube, which you can access below.

Nancy Kilgore, author of Bitter Magic, explained how she found feminist roots in the story of accused witch Isobel Gowdie.

Steffy Von Scott, President Elect of the Pagan Federation (Scotland), discussed the Paisley accused witches and how the persecution they suffered still resonates today.

Dr. Michelle D. Brock investigated the links between devil belief and the Scottish Witch Trials.

We heard from some of the RAWS team, and learned about the story behind the influential Survey of Scottish Witchcraft from project leader Professor Julian Goodare (starts 25:50).

Artist Sean Fitzgerald introduced the RAWS logo and outlined the inspiration behind his Celtic artwork (starts 1:45). Dr. Laura Harrison, Historic Environment Scotland, explained the role and importance of memorials in Scottish history (starts 54:45).

Historian Mary W. Craig talked about the Witch Brodders.

To close the event we listened to Heal and Harrow's beautiful 'Up the Lum'.



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