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Power & Peace

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

You may hae heard o' some wummin, who were rumoured tae possess kinds o' magic. But thae wummin o' Scotlund had a story, that was really quite oppressive and tragic.

Thae wummin wur said tae be witches, lassies living a life. But the townsfolk didn’t quite see that, they were strangled and some burnt alive.

If things gaed wrong in their village, twas wummin who would get the blame. When crops a' did fail, the men a' would wail, o' witches again 'n' again.

Nae matter how muckle they begged, or how loud the lassies did cry. They were subjected tae barbaric torture. Burned, drowned or had their necks tied.

Twa thousand, five hundred murdered for nowt, when men felt their power decrease. Would seem like a thing o’ the past, but we need tae shift tae the future. Gie wummin power 'n' peace! By Oriana, aged 12

Written for her English class


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