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Witch, by Frances Hynd

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

In honour of Maggie Morgan, St Monans

Maggie Morgan I can feel your pain as the wind howls around me And the black clouds bring the first spots of rain as I open the circle I feel you in my veins and when I listen closely I hear the clanking of your chains Clapped in irons, tortured and burned Nobody helped, their faces they turned Your ashes were hung from the local Kirk tower It was here I could feel you and the Divine Feminine raw power The wrath of the Goddess was screaming her might I hear you, I feel you Lets make the wrongs right

The women are gathering and rising once again, Standing together as sisters without shame We remember, we honour and we pray for your souls We remember as we search For your stories forgotten and untold We are healing the Witch wound For you, for ourselves and for the children we hold We are healing all of the old ancient scars We are with you and we love you As we look to the stars There were many more like you Innocent and often unnamed Mostly women and children All tortured then hung, burned and shamed We shall not rest until our work here is done Leaving no stone unturned Naming each and every one You all suffered needlessly By order of the State We want pardons and memorials At the very least Living in the hope That your Souls may rest in peace

We're grateful to Frances for sharing these beautiful and stirring words.


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