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RAWS Virtual Conference 2020

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

We hosted our first online conference in November 2020, bringing together voices from across Scotland to highlight new research, writing, community projects and art created in response to the injustices of the Scottish Witch Trials.

The event ended up being so popular, we hosted it twice! If you would like to catch up, we've gathered together recordings from the event below.

A powerful speech by Lillian Brzoska.

Sara Sheridan, author of Where are the Women? A Guide to an Imagined Scotland, explains the need for a memorial in Scotland.

Data Scientist Emma Carroll discusses her involvement with the University of Edinburgh's Mapping the Accused Witches of Scotland project.

Artist Lindsay Gibson speaks about finding a home for the Sandpaper Project, which honours the names of individuals accused of witchcraft in Scotland.

Heather Upfield shares her research on the Kilwinning-Five and other accused witches in North Ayrshire.

The Orkney Heritage Society showcase the Orkney witch memorial and share new research.

Artist Karen Strang talks about her film 'The Mystery of Maggie Duncan'.

Artist and performer Heather Millar describes her recent project Devila, which was influenced by historical Scottish witch trials in Fife.

Storyteller Rowan Morrison tells the story of the Storm Witch.

Author Gregor Stewart describes the methods used to obtain a confession during the 'witchcraft' era.

Live sessions on Day 1, featuring Claire Mitchell QC.

Live sessions on Day 2, featuring Claire Mitchell QC and Sheila Gaul.

With thanks to artist Sophie Mckay Knight for allowing us to use her beautiful image for our conference poster.



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